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The Joy of Music

"Ken Schoewe exudes creative energy... When you see Ken coming towards you, don't shy away. What he has is contagious, and we'll all be lucky if we can catch just a smidgen of what he has inside."
- Anne Grant, Dell Books Novelist and Times-News Columnist, Times-News, March 26, 2000 (A review of Ken Schoewe's music.)

I was lucky enough to study piano with a woman whose teacher and mentor was Leonard Bernstein. She exuded the "Joy of Music" and I guess a little of it rubbed off on me and it is my joy in life to share it with you. Many of our students end up playing several musical instruments, tune up their singing voice, write their own songs and record their compositions in the Mountain Music School recording studio. Students and alumni that have released CDs of original music include:

  • Lori Loftus (Classical Guitar)
    • Reflections
    • Images
  • Kristin Hall (Pop/Rock)
    • Sing Loud
    • Stranded in MidAir
  • The Hickory Nuts (Folk/Bluegrass)
    • Courtin' With My Mule
    • Boxin' Possum
    • Courtesy Flush
  • Shirley Parker McNeill (Gospel)
    • In His Care
    • Gospel Shoes
  • Kyle Landers (Clawhammer Banjo) with Ken Schoewe (Mountain Dulcimer)
    • Old Joe Clark
  • Jere Brittain (Traditional)
    • You're Akin to Me
    • Chestnut Log
    • Lick Skillet
    • Forgin' On

The Mountain Music School recording Studio is where Ken does his recording too. "We've an Old Fashioned Christmas in Hendersonville" (Hendersonville's Official Christmas Carol) and "The Henderson County Song", both written by Ken, were recorded at MMS. All students are invited to be recording artists on our annual "Greatest Hits" CD and to perform in our occasional student performances at Blue Ridge Community College. Participation is entirely up to you, there will never be any pressure or stress at Mountain Music School.


Mountain Music School Recording Studio services include recording, arranging and composition. Please contact Ken for details.

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